Meet Wendell

About Wendell Peterson Electrician

Wendell Peterson is a licensed and insured Journeyman Electrician from Magnolia, MA, with a proven track record serving the larger North Shore area from Amesbury to Woburn. Beginning with Electrical Trade study at the Gloucester High Vocational School, Wendell has experience in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial fields of business.

Wendell grew up living and working for 19 years on the Missionary Schooner Yacht Coronet, built in 1885, gaining an appreciation for repair and maintenance. Learning to communicate with the crew of the ship, taking instruction and assuming responsibility for assignments helped shape a strong work ethic, pride in my work, and a commitment to excellence. Away from shore you have a small margin for failure, so do it right the first time.

Wendell has found a lasting success in business with customer satisfaction, a willingness to go the extra mile, and a cheerful smile!

Why choose Wendell Peterson Electrician?

Established in 1988, I have enjoyed building a comprehensive and robust Residential and Commercial business focusing on customer satisfaction with an ear for whats important to you, commitment and caring about the results.

Wendell Peterson Electrician will bring you an experienced tradesman who is recommended often for careful attention to detail, follow through, communication of progress when asked, and a broom clean finish every time.

Not only is Wendell Peterson Electrician a skilled and trusted craftsman, he is personable, respectful, and reliable too! An energetic up to date service with Old Fashioned dedication to excellence.