Standby Generator System Installations

Thank you for considering a Standby Generator System installation from Wendell Peterson Electrician. We have several different Brands, Winco, and Briggs and Stratton.

We have 7KW up to 300KW (commercial) sizes to meet your specific needs. The common residential unit for emergency use is 8KW to 20KW. The generator is about the size of a Central Air Conditioner, requires the services of an Electrician to connect to the house electrical system, and a Plumber to connect to either Propane or Natural Gas supply.

All of our systems are warrantied, some up to 5 years. The exceptional service I can offer thru East Coast Power Products is also a very big consideration in the offers you may solicit. Some competitors service and follow up is more costly, not as immediate and may also require a return trip with the suspected repair part, often doubling the expense with each service trip. East Coast as a Dealer / Supplier performs Manufacturers warranty work, (ask the Big Box stores about warranty service), knows the systems inside and out, and has common parts in the truck, usually resulting in one site visit to keep you up and running. When you purchase a service contract, they provide immediate response to calls for service in time of failure. Also when you are covered by a service contract, you reduce the likelihood of failure due to consistent preventive maintenance.

We also have an option you can purchase that includes a connection for a back up gen set to keep you going immediately in a critical power out situation. This option allows us to connect a temporary system if the repair of your unit requires ordering of non standard parts during an outage. This is very important if you have a zero tolerance for power outages. Such needs as working from home, away for extended periods, or need to maintain property protection such as alarms, security lighting, flooding control, refrigeration, controlled environment etc.

We take generators seriously knowing they are an assurance of life in crisis. With the purchase of a Service Contract from East Coast Power Products, you can be assured your system will run every time you need it. We also can provide a wireless monitor that alerts you and East Coast the status of your generator, providing real time maintenance.

We at Wendell Peterson Electrician provide a high quality product at a competitive rate, and above average Care after the sale.